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Sack Boy March 27, 2009

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Sack Boy's new threadsThis is a project that Alex wanted me to make for him. It was a pretty fun project to knit but when it came to putting this little guy together and finishing he was a pain.  We used a worsted weight synthetic and wool blend, it was really nice to work with.

Here is the link to the pattern.

Sack Boy

We couldn’t find a silver zipper like what the pattern called for, I also think that I put the legs on upside down and the thumbs point the wrong way. I must have been drunk when I did this (not really).  Overall, I think that he turned out pretty cute and will serve his purpose of sitting on Alex’s computer desk and will give him a high 5 when necessary.

I still have a few finishing touches to do, I need to stick a straw up his body and head so he will sit up nicely.  Sack boy needs a mouth and some details on his head. I will post a new picture when he is all done.


Puppy March 26, 2009

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Yet another post that has nothing to do with knitting…sorry guys!

I decided to keep this little guy…I am such a push over.  We decided to name him Blitz we think that he is mostly Boston Terrier.

He is going to stay at my parents house until May 1st when I can bring him down to my new apartment. My brother is calling him little Joe after Joe Miner (our school mascot). He will probably end up with an identity crisis.


Cousin Carrie March 25, 2009

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My cousin recently became a nun. Here is the link to her welcome page on the Monestary’s blog.

This has nothing to do with knitting but I am really excited for her!


Mittens and Ear Warmer for Aubs

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My best friends daughter is a pretty cool kid and I thought that she would enjoy some awesome mittens and an ear warmer. I had a whole bunch of yarn that I needed to use up out of my yarn closet. She likes purple and I had some midnight mohair that I wanted to use so I made the kid some kickin’ stuff.

I used the same pattern as I did for the larger mittens I made earlier but scaled them down. The ear warmer pattern is just something that I made up. It is done in a stockinette stitch and can be used for any size just cast on more stitches to begin with.

I think that she likes them…She was showing them off for the camera.


More Baby Projects…

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My youth pastor at our church and his wife just had a baby.  I made them some mittens, booties and a snuggle blanket. The patterns are identical to the ones used in my previous baby stuff posts. Here are the pics.

Carter (the baby) was born premi so all the stuff is a little big but he will grow into it. My sister laughed because the mitten looks kind of like an oven mit on his tiny hand. I assure you it looks normal or regular sized babies.


Alex’s New Hat March 24, 2009

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After I finished my cap Alex (the bf) thought that he needed a new hat too. He found a pattern that he liked after doing a google search.

We chose to use two different types of yarn, the main color (blue) is a bamboo and virgin wool blend. Alex of course liked the most expensive yarn that was in the store. The accent color (tan) is the same cashmere that I got at the garage sale (see previous post).

The pattern was ok and I liked that it was straight forward and simple enough for me to do while in class. As I got close to finishing I noticed that my hat had kind of a cone top which was obviously undesireable, so I ripped back until before the decreases and tried again. I got the same result the second time, I just went ahead and finished the project and then kind of bound off the top of the cone on the inside of the hat so it now looks like the hat has a nipple on the inside but when worn it looks good and nipple free. I don’t think that anybody will notice. Alex was a sport about it and has not given me too hard of a time.

Needless to say I would not reccommend this pattern to others, unless they want a nipple hat. To be fair, I did use the seamed version that uses two needles instead of the seamless version that uses four needles.

Thanks to Alex for modeling.


My New Cap

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This is the project that kick started my knitting spree this year. I found the pattern while stumbling, probably the only good thing to ever materalize from me stumbling. I really like the cap, it is perfect for keeping your ears warm and not messing up your hair like a stocking cap. Not only that you can also have a pony tail and it not get all squished. The pattern was really straight forward and easy to do.

I chose to use a cashmere yarn that I got for a great price at a garage sale.

My friend Sarah is using this pattern as her first knitting project, it encompasses all the basic techniques: knit, purl, increase, decrease, bind off, etc.

I fastened the strap with a button in a neutral color that has accents of the grey in the hat. I messed up the button hole a little but it was my first button hole so I am ok with it.