Purls and Knit

Musings from an Environmental Engineer who tends to be full of knit.

KnitBee March 19, 2009

Filed under: Other Sweet Stuff... — knitbee @ 10:13 pm

I have wanted to find a way to share some of the knitting projects that I have been working on, what better way than to blog. I have a back log of projects that I will try to post soon and as I finish any that I am working on I will share pictures and pointers. I will also try to give you all links to the patterns that I used if they are available online.

I started knitting as a 4-H project, a neighbor, Barabra taught my sister and I. My sister was less than exicted but I picked up knitting pretty quickly and have been doing it ever winter since.

Recently I have really gotten into knitting as a hobby. I have made more projects this season than I have since I started. I think that I caught the bug. It is just a good way to keep your hands busy when you are watching TV or for me when I am in class.


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