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Felting…Demo 1 April 2, 2009

Filed under: Fiber Working — knitbee @ 7:33 pm

I am getting ready to work on two projects that involve felting so I have done two test pieces to see which method I like better.

The first project I have done is a pot holder using Bernat Felting Natural Wool. I knitted this on a size 15 needle using two strands of yarn.

CO 19

Row 1-12 Knit

Row 12  K6, P7, K6

Row 13 K

Row 14 and every even row unitl 24th- repete row 12

Row 24-36 Knit

Bind off loosely

To felt: Felting is a simple concept, you are pretty much roughing up the fibers and slightly binding them together to make them stronger. I did mine the easy in the washing machine on HOT water when I washed my sheets. I added normal laundry detergent and baking soda like I normally do for linens.

I felted this twice because after the first felting I thought that it needed some more.

Over all I think that this was a pretty fun and easy project…it was a little like a science experiment. I know how much the yarn shrunk as a double strand and now I need to know the shrinkage as a single strand. Check out the next post!


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