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Warm and Cozy Feets April 5, 2009

Filed under: Fiber Working,Knitting Projects — knitbee @ 12:48 am

I bought some felting yarn to make a bag. I didn’t buy enough so I made some slippers for my bf and my mom. I was not sure how much the felting would shrink my garment so I did some test projects (see previous posts). I guess that for all of my trying I still messed up the sizing. The first slippers that I knitted I did not allow enough for shrinking and they were not big enough for Alex’s feet. So now my mom is going to have a nice and cozy pair of new slippers. The second try I got the shrinkage accounted for and they work perfectly for the boy’s feet.


2 Responses to “Warm and Cozy Feets”

  1. Kelsi Says:

    Hey girly. Can you email me the pattern? I can’t find a good crochet one so I’ve decided to try knitting them. Thanks Rachel… Thrachel.

    • knitbee Says:

      Here is the pattern:
      CO 20
      Row 1: K5,P10,K5
      Row 2: P5, K10, P5
      Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until desired length.

      After you have reached desired length, K2Tog for one row (10 St remain)
      Run yarn through the loops and sew up seams with remaining yarn and darning needle or crochet hook.

      Note: If you want to felt, allow for shrinkage but these are really cute unfelted too.

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