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Little Black Bag April 14, 2009

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I have this really great Christmas projects book and I have wanted to make this bag in it for a while.

The bag pattern is pretty simple. It is pretty much knit a tube on circular needles and then buy a bottom on handles to go with it. I found the handles and bottom online but they were almost $35 and I had already spent that on the yarn for the project. I know, I know, but I am a cheap college student.

I modified the pattern to include handles and a bottom. The pattern is kind of made up but here is my best estimate of what I did.


2.5 Sk MC Cascade 220 Wool (needs to be wool b/c of felting) ( I used Black)

.5 Sk CC Cascade 220 Wool ( I used teal)

Size 5 Double pointed needles (4)

Size 10 Circular needles

Darning Needle or Crochet hook


CO 120 St w/ size 10 Circulars

Place marker at beginning and join yarn for working in the round ( instead of turning just go back to the beginning

Place marker in the middle (this was 60 for me) ( use a different color for beginning and middle)

Follow this pattern until desired size is obtained

Knit 20, Work increase rows (see below), Knit 6, Work increase, Knit 4, work increase

Increase: Make 1 in first stich after each marker, Continue until you have passed beginning, Before middle marker M1 do the same for beginning

5 in from the top I worked in two stripes of CC, do so how you want to but use the jogless joining method so your stripes match up


With two strands CO desired width of bag ( I did 30)

Work in garter stitch until the bottom fits your bag (approx 12 in, you will have to fit it as you go)


Work an Icord for desired length, I used a single strand on size 5 double pointed needles, I would try a double strand next time.

Attach all pieces using MC and darning needle or crochet hook


I did the lazy man felting method of throwing it in a hot washing machine. I washed it with my sheets and tide and baking soda. I dried the piece and checked for the amount of felting, I wanted it to be more felted to I washed my roomies sheets and tried again. That was the right amount.

I strongly recommend knitting a swatch and felting it prior to making your piece so you will be able to approximate the amount of shrinkage.



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