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Herman Wurstfest and Wine Tasting June 15, 2009

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This will be my first post about wine. While a lot of my posts are fueled by wine, this one is all about my trip to Wurstfest in Hermann, Mo.

Wurstfest is a giant sausage and bratwurst festal in Hermann, Mo. Alex and I have been to Hermann before and really loved it. We were really excited to go back with our friends, Sarah (the new roomie) , Josh (the old roomie) and James (fellow wine and wurst lover).

Hermann is a smaller town in central Missouri. They are known for their wineries and antique stores. It is a really cute little town, lots of really cute bed and breakfasts as well as wineries, antique stores and some great museums and historic sites. The town is walker friendly and most things are accessible just a short walk from anywhere else in the town.

We all caravaned up to Hermann or met there. The first place we stopped was Stone Hill Winery. Stone Hill is a awesome place to go on it’s own, they are a really cool winery that has a ton of history and awesome underground cellars.

We first visited the wurstfest that was set up there in a pavilion. It was pretty rainy and cold but we didn’t really mind because we had bundled and Sarah had the awesome idea to buy a bottle of wine to drink while we waited in line to do sausage tastings. The five of us sampled and tasted hundreds of different types of sausage and bratwurst as we made our way through the many booths. Poor Sarah, is a vegetarian so I packed her some crackers and cheese. Fun was had by all. I am not sure if it was the two bottles of wine that the five of us shared or just the really great local sausage and bratwurst but I ended up buying and taking home around 12 packages of meat.

Part of the Wurstfest was a sausage making demonstration. I got elected to help. Yet again I am not sure if it was the wine but this was really cool. It pretty much just involved me turning a handle and adjusting the casing so the sausage stayed uniform. I think that I did a pretty good job!

We also did a tour of Stone Hill Winery, it was really really cool. Tons of history and old underground cellars. I did come to one conclusion…Prohibition really really sucked. It totally destroyed the wine industry in Missouri. Missouri used to be a pretty big deal when it came to wine, we are making a come back.

After we did another tasting and bought over a case of wine at stone hill, we ventured on to the next winery. The next winery we visited was Hermanhoff Winery. There were a TON of people at hermannhoff winery. We did a quick tasting and bought some yummy cherry wine. Of the three we visited, this was our least favorite, mostly because everything had a heavy oak taste and it was really full and loud and expensive.

The last winery that we went to ended up being the favorite. We had bought a bottle of the Vignoles from a wine store in Lee’s Summit and really loved it, and decided to go to the winery and see if there were any more of their wines to  start a love affair with.  Adam Puchta & Son Wine Company is awesome! The winery is relatively small and is still family run. Wayne, a sixth generation Puchta gave us our tasting. He was great, he indulged all of our nerdy science questions about the wine making process and even gave us snacks that paired well with each wine that we tasted. I cannot really pick a favorite from here because they are all so good. All of their wines, even the dry ones, had a really smooth taste and were very pleasant to drink. We bought about a case and a half of wine while here and I, personally cannot wait to go back there. Adam Puchta & Son is a personal favorite and Alex has a total man crush all over them.

Overall, here are my conclusions. Wine+Sausage= Awesome day +Great memories! Adam Puchta rocks my world and stone hill will always be a place I look forward to visiting. Hermann the town is great and if you have not been there then go! Even if you are not into wine or sausage, there is a ton of activities that are amazing.


Crazy Doll for Aubs

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There is a thread on Ravelry forums titled “Project that make people say “I can’t believe you spent time on that”” This project for sure fits into that topic.

I was working on my father’s day afghan (it is finished and new post coming soon) and since my dad was around I needed a filler. This was originally a pattern for a little bear. I got a little too creative and knitted the little bear a wig and dress.

I think that she would look better if I gave her some plastic surgery (different beads for eyes) and finished the rest of her face. Until then I will just enjoy this crazy looking little gal.

Crazy Doll


Graduation Necklace

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I had some awesome bamboo that I spent way too much money on a long time ago.

I decided to use a bit of this for a necklace for Rebecca at Graduation.

The pattern is from “101 Designer One Skein Wonders” and it really simple. It does incorporate some bead work. It is a good patter for a beginner because it is straight forward and you have to be really detailed in your counting of stitches and beads.


Updates and Upcomings… June 2, 2009

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I have been working on a couple of large projects and I close to finishing so you all can expect  a new post about my first afghan and my first actual garment soon!

I wanted to let you all know that I will be offering classes this summer and next semester so if anybody is interested please contact me. I will not charge you for the lessons. You will just have to pay for your supplies. I am more than happy to teach even if you have never picked up a needle or if you just have a question about a pattern.

I am in Coffeyville and Nevada over the summer and will be in Rolla in the fall so feel free to contact me if you are interested. Just leave me a comment on the blog and I will send you a personal message with my e-mail and phone so we can make plans.