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Father’s Day Afghan July 6, 2009

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A long time ago (seriously almost six years) my dad bought some yarn in colors that he liked and wanted me to make him an afghan. I had cast on and tried a couple of different patterns for an afghan until I found this pattern. This pattern is a modified version of one in “Holiday Knits”. I feel like I used that pattern mostly just for inspiration so I have no guilt in sharing what I did.

I wanted the afghan to be a lap blanket that was big enough to cover all of my dad’s legs. He is over six feet so that means that my blanket needed to be fairly large. I used a size 10.5 addi turbo circular needles for this project. I wanted something with a cord long enough to not get in the way. The needles worked great, totally worth the investment. The yarn that I used is Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted in two color ways, a cream color and a navy blue.

I cast on 192 st and worked in each colorway for four inches, leaving a 16 st border on each side to create a window. I worked in garter stitch for the blue and in stockinette stitch for the cream.

I used the intarsia method of wrapping my yarn to create the color blocks without having big holes in my blanket. I really liked the way that the intarsia worked, this was my first project to really use any color blocking. It made it so that my purl bumps created on the wrong side of my work just look like they continued around each window. This made it so that you can’t really tell which side is right and which is wrong.

Proud Papa

I am really really happy with how this blanket turned out. The yarn was great to work with and it is washable, a total plus at my parents house.  This was a huge project for me. The biggest that I had done up to that point.

Thomas and I figured out that I knit over 46,000 stitches in the making of this afghan and that I used about 2000 yards of yarn. That is about 1.14 miles of knitting. That is pretty impressive to me.

Dad sure seemed to like it.

Father's Day Afghan


One Response to “Father’s Day Afghan”

  1. prewitt816 Says:

    Very nice! We missed you guys this weekend for the 4th party at your folks house. It was a good time. Congrats – Wayne told us that your current place offered you a full time position after Graduation! That has to be a relief!

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