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I am Dyeing! September 27, 2009

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So I have been branching out in my fiber working lately. I will do a series of posts on how this is true so look forward to that.

One of the ways that I have been branching out is I have been experimenting with dyeing my own yarn.  I have purchased a few undyed skeins from the yarn store here in Rolla and have been experimenting mostly with dyeing yarn using coffee. The yarn I have been working with is 100% merino wool and is quite nice feeling and I am looking forward to working more with it. I dyed the first skein a couple of weeks ago and was very successful in getting  a uniform beautiful caramel color from the coffee. I gave this skein away in a yarn swap and started missing it so I decided to do another today with my friend Sara.

Cotton Pastels

We got really adventurous and decided to try our hand at  Kool Aid dyeing some cotton yarn that we acquired in a unique way. ( See this post) We went to the grocery store and bought all the pretty colors of Kool Aid that we could get our hands on.


We decided to experiment with some small practice skeins that we put together before using our big skeins that we extracted. Some things that we learned were that cotton is not terribly good at absorbing color from the dye. Next time we will use something besides Kool Aid for the cotton.  We did get some really great pastels out of this little experience and my second try at coffee dyeing the merino was super successful.

Big Skeins

I left the merino in the wrapped up skein form so it left a variegated look to the yarn with some spots a litgher caramel than others. I am really really happy with how it turned out 🙂

Coffee try 2


3 Responses to “I am Dyeing!”

  1. prewitt816 Says:

    Looks fun! I only have one question…will the colors was out? I just wasn’t sure how permanent they were. – O and no baby news yet. We are trying to be patient.

  2. knitbee Says:

    These have already been washed so they should stay color fast. That is what I have been told anyway. I know the coffee will. They were all set using a acidic solution and heat.

  3. dragonsnlace Says:

    The merino looks really good! I’d like to do some dying at some point – spinning too. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll 😀

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