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Sanibel Beach & Lighthouse August 15, 2009

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Rachel ask me to do at least one guest post for her blog while on vacation, so I decided to do it on our visit to Sanibel Beach and Lighthouse.

This was our farthest drive from the house yet, so we headed out and settled in for our journey.  We’ve used Google maps for all our directions and the GPS on my phone (Samsung/Sprint Instinct) as a backup.  Haven’t had any major It was a pretty straightforward drive with only one snag, and I attribute that more to poor signage more than poor directions.  We had to go over a toll bridge.  The bridge itself was pretty cool, we were at least 200 feet above the ocean on the bridge, but tolls are never fun.

Sanibel Lighthouse

We decided to check out the lighthouse first and then cool-off in the ocean/at the beach later.  The lighthouse was a very disappointing experience.  I was hoping to be able to climb up the Lighthouse and check out the awesome view.  Turned out that you couldn’t go up in the Lighthouse and it was little more than a frame, with a tube that had a latter and a gas pipe in it, then a 3rd order Fresnel lens at the top.  Definitely the lamest Lighthouse I have ever been to.  I guess forgoing the climb to the top is sort-of a plus, but I would have preferred the view.

We headed back to the beach and got our sunscreen on and got in the water.  The water was cooler than it was at Lover’s Key, so it was way more refreshing.  We got to see a small school(?) of dolphins swim past us.

We had heard on our flight and from the Kayak guide that Sanibel was an excellent place for shells.  So we started out walking along the edge of the water looking for some good ones.  We didn’t really find much, so we got in and started feeling around with our feet.  I went back up to the bag and grabbed a pair of goggles so I could dive down and bring them up.  We started finding some really cool shells, so we kept at it.  We were having some issues with the cheap goggles we got from Publix, but I found a way to cinch them down enough to work.

Things started to get interesting soon after the goggle situation was remedied.  It started with Rachel bringing up a shell with her feet,  that happened to have a hermit crab in it with.  She freaked and gave the hermit crab a free ride to the moon.  She calmed down quick and we started looking again.  I dove down to find a shell she had at her feet and saw a soft-shell crab scurrying away from her foot.  I surfaced and saw a RP original eww-icck dance freak out in process.  I got her calmed down again, but was beginning to get wary of the ocean.  I was half-way down for another shell and saw a big crazy looking fish swimming past Rachel.  I decided it was time to try out Rachel’s new dance.  We had enough ocean wildlife for the moment, and headed back in to lie out.

After a few minutes, we decided to try and find some more shells.  The first outing was mildly successful, but this time the shells practically lept into my hands.  Almost every time I went down I came back up with a small conch shell.  I also switched pairs of goggles, and they were working 1000% better.  We saw another beach-goer who found a dead-spineless sea-urchin shell. It was kinda intense staying down long enough to get the shells.  Quite a workout for the shoulders staying in the same spot and digging up shells.

Just as I found a really, really great spot, it started storming a few miles away.  We stayed until we saw lightening and then headed back home.  All in all, it was the best beach day yet.  I hope to get some better goggles and get back to Sanibel to find some more awesome shells.

Anyways, that’s enough of my prattle.  I’ll return the blog to Rachel.