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Santeney Vest July 22, 2009

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Yet another ongoing project to share. I have been wanting to make a garment for a while,  I thought that a vest would be a good place to start. I found the Santeney Vest pattern on Knitty. I really loved this pattern and it looks straight forward so I bought some awesome Ecological Wool by  Cascadefrom my LYS (local yarn store, in this case Uniquely Yours in Rolla).

I have just begun this vest and am excited to get it finished up. I am sad that I can’t spend more time with this project than I am (silly wedding afghan). I have done the bottom edge and begun the pattern on the back of the vest.

I will keep you all updated on progress that I make on this project as well.

afghan 003

Update 6/22/09

This weekend was a fairly productive one for my knitting. I finished what I could on the wedding afghan until my new knitpicks order comes in. So that left me time to work on my vest. I worked about three inches while watching a disaster movie on abc.  The vest is coming along nicely and I am ready to begin decreasing for the waist.

I did decide that I would like for my vest to be shorter than the one in the picture of the pattern. Instead of knitting for 8″ and then decreasing for the waist I am going to knit 6″ and then begin my decrease. This will give the vest a total length of 27″ instead of 29″ . My goal is that it will hit just a couple of inches below my belt line versus just at the base of the legs.  We will see how it goes.

Update 6/25/2009

My camera finally got in a better mood so I wanted to show you all some pictures of the pretty detail that my vest has.

afghan 009


After finishing the wedding afghan I was really excited to come back to this project on the ride back to Rolla. Wedding’s are always full of down time. You wait for the photographer and for the wedding to start, etc. Well I took advantage of that time this weekend and got straight to work on my vest. As you can see, I am about 40% done at this point with the whole project and about 90% with the back. I still need to start the arm holes and knit the neck but hopefully I can accomplish that tonight.

I was in the process of frogging a few rows so I thougt that I would take apicture while I had it all layed flat.

Vest Back 90%


Vest is almost complete. I have a bit of strap left to do and then of course, I need to block and piece together. I am glad with how this project has turned out. I will be sure to do some before and after pics of blocking in my next post along with pictures of the finished project.

Almost done